Return on Inclusion

Evidencing your Return on Investment with Diversity & Inclusion

Equal Approach has developed the Return on Inclusion tool, which will support organisations to evidence the bottom line impact that embedding inclusion has had.

The benefits of diversity and inclusion are well documented, with multiple research studies concluding organisations have benefited from increased productivity, performance, motivation, engagement, and many other benefits. Despite this, the return on investment is still often questioned, and for many, is difficult to evidence.

A leader in the field of diversity and inclusion, Equal Approach works with global organisations at a strategic level to support them to understand the impact that embedding inclusion can have.

Benefits of the Return on Inclusion Tool

The Return on Inclusion Tool allows organisations to assess their performance on inclusion across a wide range of areas, and provides a number of benefits, including:

Evidencing the bottom line impact of inclusion

Identifying the potential return on investment that further embedding inclusion could have

Benchmarking against others in the industry

How it Works

Organisations collect and input their key measurable data for up to 100 data capture points per diverse strand into the tool, using our simple online platform, and are able to provide detail where required.

The Return on Inclusion tool uses algorithms that Equal Approach has developed in order to review your organisations performance by identifying key factors associated with success.

The tool then produces results and recommendations for each key area.

By reviewing the cause and effect of the results, the Return on Inclusion tool uses analytical modelling to in order to identify and suggest a number of specific recommendations for the organisation to consider implementing in order to improve future results.

Tailored Recommendations
for your organisation

A Financial Overview
for your organisation

The Return on Inclusion Tool uses modelling of historic data to predict future performance and identifies correlations between the recommended activities and future financial returns, reporting this as a potential return on inclusion.

“We have learnt much from working with Equal Approach and are grateful for their guidance and wise words. The most important lesson has been that SSE needs to think more strategically about how to maximise the value of inclusion.

Crucially, the work of Equal Approach points out explicitly that SSE has returned £4.52 for every £1 invested in I&D initiatives. But we also learnt that by implementing a more strategic approach, focusing on fewer, but more important factors, we can aspire to returning £15 for every £1 invested. This is very compelling evidence for a value-focused organisation and it is crystal clear what we need to do.”

by John Stewart
Director of Human Resources, SSE

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