Inclusive Talent and
Embedding Inclusion

Equal Approach has been operating as a specialist provider of diversity and inclusion solutions for over 13 years, with a specific focus upon inclusive recruitment and diversity consultancy services, surrounding the attraction, recruitment, retention, recognition and promotion of diverse talent.

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Supporting organisations throughout the UK and globally, to become more inclusive (Embedding Inclusion) and recruit outstanding candidates from a range of diverse backgrounds (Inclusive Talent). Established in the UK in 2005 with the objective of creating a level playing field for diverse talent, Equal Approach has grown to deliver a wide range of solutions on a global scale.

Our Solutions

Equal Approach’s solutions are based on 13 years of experience and are delivered by the highest qualified and experience practitioners, giving you assurance of appropriate, up to date advice, which in turn is converted into practical and workable initiatives for your organization.

Inclusive Talent

We support organisations which value diversity in the workplace and work with them to create a level playing field to attract, recruit, assess and select great candidates from diverse backgrounds. By working with Equal Approach to make the process more inclusive, organisations can increase the representation of diversity in their workforce and ensure they can get the best talent.

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Embedding Inclusion

We support organisations to become more inclusive and enhance their performance across the full employee and employer relationship lifecycle. By focusing on delivering practical programmes with measurement and impact, we strip back the theoretical approach, which allows us to support organisations to recognise the commercial benefits of diversity and inclusion.

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Our Clients

Our extensive portfolio of clients span a wide range of sectors and industries, covering the public, private and third sectors.

Introducing Reach

Reach’s Inclusive Talent Platform provides a total solution to help you find a career and also help organisations diversify their organisations.

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