Inclusion Consultancy

Inclusion Consultancy

Produce practical, and measurement focused programmes for its clients across the full lifecycle of an employee and employer relationship, as evidenced in our unique Inclusion Lifecycle.

Stripping back the theoretical approach of other consultancies, Equal Approach created a ground breaking globally focused product range, all of which offered accreditation and measurement of progress and financial impact to its clients, with practical and simple implementation, all of which offered strong and committed impact.

Over the years Equal Approach have built a team of specialist consultants covering all areas of Strategic Inclusion, headed by our own Chief Executive Dawn Hurst, and worked with many organisations to embed inclusive practices, reduce cost and improve impact.


of employers say diversity is a priority, but 45% have no diversity strategy


of employers do not monitor employee diversity

Equal Approach offers a tailored and bespoke inclusion consultancy service, to enable organisations to successfully achieve their key objectives surrounding the attraction, recruitment, retention, recognition and promotion of diverse talent.

Increased globalisation across all sectors means there are significant changes in how business is conducted, and there is a strong business case to champion inclusion.

The many benefits of a diverse and inclusive organisation include: increased bottom line performance, greater market share, competitive advantage, increased success when bidding and tendering, as well as the embedded inclusive culture that a diverse workforce creates.

Equal Approach has pioneered a diversity lifecycle tool for over a decade, which considers all aspects of the employee lifecycle to ensure that diversity and inclusion are embedded throughout all aspects of an employee’s journey with the organisation. Behind this lifecycle are over 300 tools which can support an organisation on its diversity and inclusion journey, removing the fear and ambiguity of such a programme.

Long term strategic plans are by their very definition important, but what is crucial is that the outcomes of any initial interventions in creating an inclusion strategy inform future actions. We provide an insight into what has been successful in other organisations and what pitfalls there are in taking certain directions.

We support organisations to find answers to overcome a range of challenges, through: developing strategic plans, toolkits and policies; and developing their people through training, coaching or thought leadership events as part of our wider product range, in order to raise awareness of the impact of diversity and inclusion.

“Dawn worked hard to research and understand our organisation in order to ensure that what she delivered for us was relevant and applicable. She has a depth of knowledge around her specialist area married with a very pragmatic and down to earth style which helps her to ensure that solutions proposed are feasible and practical. Dawn has a lovely sense of humour and builds relationships well which makes her a real pleasure to work with.”

by Rose Bevan
Learning & Development Manager, Taylor and Francis

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