Inclusive Resourcing

Inclusive Resourcing

Finding the right recruitment partner is essential for all organisations looking to conduct all or part of the recruitment process externally. The candidates that you recruit will have a significant impact on your organisation’s future performance, and the costs of getting it wrong are staggering.

Additionally, as your organisation looks to address diversity and inclusion, choosing a recruitment partner that shares your commitment is critical. This can be challenging, as many agencies claim to recruit inclusively, but very few can evidence tangible success in this area.

The REC (2017) reported that a poor hire at mid-manager level with a salary of £42,000 can cost a business more than £132,000.

Robert Walters (2017) reported that 85% of employers identified diversity as a priority for their organisation, yet:


of employers do not ask recruitment consultancies to provide a diverse shortlist


of employers do not have programmes in place to attract and recruit diverse candidates


of employers believe their current recruitment tools are ineffective at helping diverse candidates find their company

Recognised Best Practice Inclusive Recruitment Process

Equal Approach is a specialist in the area of inclusive recruitment and we can evidence our success over a number of years, where our inclusive recruitment process has been recognised by numerous awards.

Recognised Best Practice Inclusive Recruitment Process

Equal Approach is a specialist in the area of inclusive recruitment and we can evidence our success over a number of years, where our inclusive recruitment process has been recognised by numerous awards.

Benefits of
Diverse Teams

– Companies in the top quartile for ethnic and gender diversity are more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the bottom quartile (McKinsey, 2018)

– Diverse teams make better decisions up to 87% of the time (Cloverpop, 2017)

– 73% of employers believe diversity is important to encourage creative and innovative thinking within the company (Robert Walters, 2017)

– Diverse teams reflect the diversity of customers, users, clients and stakeholders

Benefits of
Inclusive Resourcing

– Levels the playing field for diverse talent by removing barriers

– Removes unconscious bias from initial stages of the process

– Challenges hiring managers to consider suitably qualified diverse talent at long and shortlist stages

– Source of competitive advantage for attracting and recruiting the best talent

Widening the

Diverse Talent Pool

through our

Attraction Methods

Our extensive diverse candidate attraction strategy has been developed, refined and enhanced over the last 13 years and has been fundamental to our success as a specialist inclusive recruiter. This unique strategy allows us to present of a diverse longlist of candidates to the client for each vacancy, widening the gate, rather than lowering the bar.

As part of our attraction activity, each of the roles that we recruit for are advertised on Reach, our Inclusive Talent Platform, which connects diverse talent with Inclusive Organisations looking to recruit inclusively.

With a reported 52% of employers not asking recruitment consultancies to provide them with a diverse shortlist of candidates (Robert Walters, 2017), this is an area of focus for us. Our candidates represent a wide range of diverse strands, and we have placed candidates in a wide range of roles spanning from support staff, through to board level appointments across a wide range of sectors.


were diverse


had a disability

Our Specialist Team are Experienced in Removing Barriers for Diverse Candidates

Our specialist team are trained in inclusive recruitment best practice in order to ensure that they are able to deliver an inclusive service for each and every candidate. With each of our team having the knowledge and tools to remove any potential barriers and make any adjustments that are required throughout the process.

In 2017 Shortlisted candidates rated their overall level of satisfaction with the Equal Approach’s service an average of 4.7/5 (Excellent)

“Remploy has worked with Equal Approach for a number of years, since an area of our business commenced a rapid period of growth, and we needed a robust, transparent and cost-effective recruitment process that could cope with large volumes of recruitment as well as a quick throughput of applicants.

Throughout the time Equal Approach has worked in partnership with us, we have been able to collaboratively develop and refine many aspects of the recruitment process, thus ensuring an excellent recruitment experience for our applicants. Equal Approach has also endeavoured to provide the highest standards of service to our managers and Remploy.

Since Equal Approach took over our recruitment our management attrition has reduced significantly, and staff turnover has reduced, in part this is due to our recruitment process ensuring we recruit the right people.

Equal Approach has also worked tirelessly with us to develop our diversity monitoring process against 9 strands of diversity and ensuring our recruitment process is accessible and non-discriminatory.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Equal Approach to other clients who may be considering embarking on outsourcing their recruitment or retendering for a recruitment partner.

by Jean Cabena
People Director, Remploy

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