Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

We have the credibility and credentials to be an ideal partner for your organisation in the delivery of an inclusive outplacement programme for your team members, with a variety of delivery options, including operating on an individual, group and/ or virtual basis.

In line with your objectives, values and mission, our programmes have set the standards within this specialism, through the recognition we have received for tailor made and inclusive programmes. The programmes have been shown to demonstrate high engagement and results, while supporting individuals to transition to the next phase of their career, whatever that may be.

Engaging Equal Approach as your outplacement provider will provide you with:

Confidence in a credible, sector experienced and high quality inclusive provider.

A partner who understands the importance of getting this right, and how important that is to your organisation, both from a reputational risk perspective, but also from in making a positive difference to the individuals leaving your organisation.

A bespoke and innovative programme, to engage participants and maximise results.

A fully managed service, working in partnership with your team.

Clear and transparent pricing, offering value for money and clear return on investment.

Protecting and enhancing your reputation through the quality of programme, whilst maximising the care and inclusion of the participants of the programme.

We work closely in partnership with clients to produce a project plan, outlining the critical activities necessary for their programme, giving team’s confidence and enthusiasm in its delivery.

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