Inclusion Events

Inclusion Events

Our tailored Inclusion Events and keynote speeches can be designed for a wide variety of audiences, and address a number of topics and challenges surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Whether we are delivering an Inclusion Event from end to end or contributing as a guest speaker at your existing event, we will work with your organisation to identify your key objectives and ensure that we deliver an engaging session to achieve them.

How Holding an Inclusion Event will Benefit Your Organisation

Demonstrating diversity and inclusion is a key priority for the organisation

Raising awareness and educating around a particular area where the business has faced challenges

Starting a conversation and removing the fear around discussing difficult subjects

Cost effective alternative to training workshops

Each Inclusion Event is specifically tailored based on the clients’ requirements, with the content designed to take into consideration the prior knowledge and experience of the audience, whether that’s senior level decision makers, shop floor team members, or a combination of both.

With audiences from 15 to 500 (or even more if required), we know what works for different sized audiences and tailor our content and activities accordingly

We can deliver events on-site at your premises, or alternatively we can work with you to make arrangements for a suitable venue elsewhere

Designed with
You in Mind

Putting Engagement at the Heart of the Event

Each of our events are delivered in an impactful and engaging way. We put attendee engagement at the heart of all of our events and we use practical exercises in order to embed learning and ensure that all attendees get the most of the session.

A Refreshing Blend of Theory and Real-Life Case Studies

Our events combine a range of technical and practical knowledge sharing with real life case studies and examples, which we are able to draw from our experience as a leading inclusive recruiter, consultancy, and training provider. This allows us to bring theories and concepts to life and provide attendees with a well-rounded session.

Ensuring Outcomes are Achieved

We collect detailed feedback from attendees from each of our events, and we report this back to the client in order to evidence the success of our programmes.

“Equal Approach delivered a unique and powerful half day event for around 120 of our leadership team, centred around the theme of “Bringing your whole self to work and why it matters”, which the facilitators delivered an inspirational key note speech on. The event also included several practical elements in order to engage the audience, and this resulted in a significant change in understanding as to what inclusion really meant, with a dramatic development in the levels of engagement of individuals throughout the session. There was a real sense of excitement around the event – as attendees went on a journey from trepidation to acceptance to engagement, where by the end they were wanting for more.

We had regular communication with Equal Approach throughout the event planning stage with weekly catch up calls in the lead up to the event, in order to ensure that the event content was created in line with our business objectives and culture.

The impact of the event on the attendees was clearly visible, drawing out emotion from a number of individuals, and there was a real buzz around inclusion which has since continued throughout the business. Each attendee was also provided with a takeaway infographic, which detailed the key learning points from the session and will act as a reminder for them to bring their authentic self to work, and also encourage others to do so through being inclusive.

We would highly recommend Equal Approach’s Inclusion Events for organisations that want to engage their teams on the topic of inclusion, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as our inclusion partner in the future.”

by Shelley Caton
Head of Culture & Diversity at BAM Nuttall

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