Development Centres

Leading People,
Managing Tasks

Our events can accommodate varying number of attendees, from just four delegates, through to several thousand, with each event being tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

We have an enviable team of qualified and experienced assessors and facilitators, all of whom are trained and qualified diversity practitioners. The team includes a range of different types of psychologists, tactical and strategic assessors, and behavioural experts.

We have an extensive library of exercises, which have all been written with the above methodology in mind, and are appropriate for use from graduates and junior management, through to senior executives.

Compliant with Current Legislation

All of our events comply with current legislation, are non-discriminatory and produce a variety of exercises for candidates to demonstrate key skills, experience and behaviours in a business and strategy focused way. We use a variety of skills assessments and psychological tools to support the decision making process in these events. The most appropriate tools can be discussed at consultation stage.

Support Organisational change through potential talent

Our Development Events are proven to identify potential talent, give clear development outlines and support organisational change, Development Events are a useful tool for organisations during periods of growth, decline or following a merger and acquisition. Development Events can be used to identify exactly what talent exists within the organisation, recognise future potential and have clarity around common development areas, or skills gaps.

Detailed feedback for your organisation

The outputs from the events, will be a detailed feedback report which can be shared with the attendee, clear outlines of gaps in relation to the overall requirement, and a detailed development plan will be developed for use within the organisation.

“We have been working with Equal Approach for the last 18 months and they have been a key player in the development and running of a number of assessment centres to recruit key staff into our business.

This has involved a complete service encompassing advertising roles, candidate search, selection and pre-qualification, the organisation and running of assessment centres. All of this has been efficiently and effectively run, providing a high standard of assessment staff and materials, allowing us to bring high quality employees into our team.

Equal Approach have often had to work to tight deadlines, but they have been responsive and have turned our requests around quickly in order to accommodate this. Dawn Milman-Hurst has delivered solutions which have enhanced our assessment centres and her professionalism and that of her staff have meant we have received very positive feedback from all of our candidates. We look forward to continuing our relationship.”

by Alison Dexter
Former Head of Learning & Development, Pearson PLC

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