Inclusive Recruitment Audit

Inclusive Recruitment

As part of our range of tailored and bespoke diversity consultancy services, Equal Approach delivers inclusive recruitment audits for organisations, in order to assess their existing recruitment process in terms of both performance and inclusivity.

Working alongside the organisation we identify barriers diverse candidates may face.

Our inclusive recruitment audits encompass a wide range of areas surrounding the recruitment process, ranging from the preliminary reputation and preparation stages, through to attraction, recruitment and selection.

Each inclusive recruitment audit is specifically tailored to the organisation, in order to provide a bespoke service to address individual objectives and challenges faced.

Inclusive Recruitment Audits Can Include

Recruitment Process

We conduct a full and detailed audit of the existing process.

Recruitment Personnel Interviews

We interview a range of hiring managers and personnel involved in recruitment, in order to gain a firsthand perspective.

Information in the Public Domain

We audit the information available in the public domain relating to the organisation’s recruitment.

Recruitment Documentation

We review documentation, including job descriptions/ adverts, and person specifications etc.

Recruitment Process Observation

We observe interviews and assessment events to experience and measure the quality of the process from a candidate’s perspective.

Onsite Presence

We spend time within the organisation in order to better understand the culture and observe the recruitment team in their day to day role.

Qualitative and Quantitate Research

To support the audit, we undertake primary and/or review secondary research such as candidate feedback, exit interviews etc.

Supporting your organisation to make improvements

Production of a detailed findings document for initial measurement and future reference

Detailed recommendations and rationales for each area of the audit

Production of a library of standard documents

Rewrite all interview questions, competencies, and behaviours with an inclusivity focus

Inclusive candidate attraction strategy

Production of revised recruitment process

“Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) engaged Equal Approach to conduct an inclusive recruitment audit in order to interrogate our recruitment processes, with a focus on increased inclusivity and identifying barriers for diverse talent.

Equal Approach undertook a range of activities in order to thoroughly assess our processes and positioning from both an internal and external perspective. The audit included: observing, documenting and inspecting PDS’ and our external recruitment supplier’s recruitment processes; reviewing job adverts and information available in the public domain; conducting leadership interviews and much more.

Equal Approach produced a detailed report outlining their findings, subsequent recommendations, and the next steps for PDS to take on our journey to recruiting more inclusively, with a number of quick wins outlined to support us to achieve immediate impact.

Following the inclusive recruitment audit Equal Approach conducted, we have and are continuing to implement a number of their recommendations and have seen much progress in a relatively short space of time.

I would highly recommend Equal Approach’s services to organisations looking to understand the barriers within their recruitment processes and make them more inclusive.”

by Jonathan Seller
Head of Human Resources at Parliamentary Digital Service

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