Leadership and Growth Mindset Development

Leadership and Growth Mindset Development

Our Growth Mindset course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles.

Equal Approach has designed, facilitated, assessed and managed a wide range of leadership development programmes for over 15 years, managing programmes from as little as 4 attendees, through to several thousand, across the public, private and third sectors on a global basis.

Each of our programmes are bespokely designed for our clients’ organisations, in order to meet their required objectives and outcomes, with quality assurances put in place throughout, while being overseen by our Project Director. All of our programmes are externally accredited and aligned to professional development programmes.

We recognise that a key aspect of leadership development is embedding a growth mindset and an inclusive leadership style, the benefits of which are well documented, including EY’s global survey “The Power of Many,” which found


of business executives deemed “inclusive leadership” to be an effective means of improving performance.


also said that their organisation’s ability to develop and manage teams will be essential for future competitiveness.

Additionally, Opportunity Now’s research, “Inclusive Leadership: Culture Change for Business Success”, found that organisations with inclusive leaders/ growth-mindset were:


more likely to have captured a new market in the past 12 months


more likely to increase market share

Furthermore, employees that have worked with an inclusive leader, reported


increased innovation and creativity


felt more valued


felt more motivated


improved performance and productivity


improved engagement/loyalty


improved engagement/loyalty

Programmes are delivered in three parts


Leadership Development Centre – Fixed/ Growth-Mindset Assessment – 1:1 specific development plan, following attendance at a development centre (max 8 delegates per day) – leadership/ executive level


Instructor Led Workshop – Group training (max 10 delegates per day)


90 Day Follow Up Do-It Actions – sent to participants via text or email

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by Alison Dexter
Former Head of Learning & Development, Pearson PLC

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