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Our Mission
Equal Approach is proud to do things differently and will make diversity a commercially successful reality for our candidates and clients.

Difference is the Key to Business Success

Equal Approach is a leading inclusive recruiter and diversity consultancy in the UK.

Equal Approach has helped many organisations to increase their profitability, improve success in bidding and tendering, gain competitive advantage and embrace the value of diversity.

Our ground-breaking approach enables our clients to maximise the benefits from the recruitment, promotion and retention of diverse talent. The extensive consultancy services we offer are moulded to our clients' individual needs and link with every aspect of the employee life cycle.

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Our Diversity Solutions Range

Generic - Solutions Range

Recruitment Divisions

We provide inclusive recruitment solutions across the private and public sector. We work within a range of industries which has led to us to develop three specialist recruitment divisions.

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Awards and Accreditations

Over the years we have become widely recognised within the diversity arena, most recently we have been shortlisted for Award's for; Inclusive Recruitment (enei Awards 2013) and Diversity & Inclusion (Personnel Today Awards 2013). We are held as the 'exemplar' business following physical audit by Investors in Diversity.

Latest News

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