Case Study – Julian – Voluntary (Welfare and Skills)

“I cannot thank Equal Approach enough for everything they have done to allow me to undertake a voluntary position with Remploy. Not only have they been highly professional and provided me with some great advice, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the understanding and empathy that they have shown towards my circumstances. Contacting Equal Approach was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m delighted that they are helping me towards starting the second stage of my career.

Equal Approach has given me a reason to get up in the morning. I cannot tell you how it feels putting on a shirt and tie for the purpose of going to work again – instead of it being my usual visit to the hospital or doctor. I cannot thank them enough”

– Julian, Candidate


After spending the last seven years recuperating from a severe brain injury, Julian was only a few months away from being ready for a return to work and he asked Equal Approach to support him back to work after reading about our inclusive approach to recruitment through our website.

“I cannot thank Equal Approach enough for everything they have done”

Having previously worked as a Senior HR Professional in the retail sector for B&Q and a ASDA, Julian was ideally looking for a role where he could utilise his HR and training skills, as well as his senior management experience.

Julian had discussed how he would like to support disabled people back in to work – having been through so much trauma himself – so we contacted our clients Remploy to see whether they could support. Following further discussions with Julian, it seemed that Remploy was going to be an extremely good fit and was just what he was looking for.

An informal meeting was arranged with the Branch Manager and Account Manager at Julian’s local Swansea branch, where Julian displayed a wealth of knowledge and transferable skills, but felt he just needed some reassurance and support in getting back to work.

Remploy agreed to let Julian volunteer within their branch for three mornings a week.  As Julian had not been in a working environment for a long period of time, we considered the best way forward was for him to start him off with one hour per day and gradually build the time up within the branch.


Julian Said:

“The first day, I was there for just 20 minutes. I’d never driven that far, or been out of the house for that long on my own since I’d become ill, and of every success that I’ve had in my career, those 20 minutes beat them all. I spent a year with Remploy after which I realised it was time to place my efforts in finding myself a part time position – to finally achieve my goal of getting back to work.”


“Contacting Equal Approach was one of the best decisions I’ve made”

Whilst Equal Approach don’t typically arrange voluntary positions for candidates, we have on occasion arranged for speculative candidates such as Julian to spend an hour or two within a Remploy branch, to support them back into work or to see whether the Welfare to Work sector would be a suitable option for them. In Julian’s case it appeared he had a wealth of skills and experience to offer, and just needed some support to get back into work after a long period of time.

Since finishing at Remploy, Julian has gone on to set up his own HR and diversity consultancy Delsion Diversity, and he still keeps in regular contact with the Equal Approach team.