Case Study – CIPD SE Wales Branch

Unconscious biases are biases that we are often totally unaware of, but nevertheless, act upon. These influence decision-making in all aspects of life, but in the workplace, unconscious bias can cost organisations millions of pounds each year. Unconscious bias is an area that is increasingly being addressed by HR and recruitment, and Equal Approach provide a practical solution for organisations to overcome unconscious bias through our range of training.

Equal Approach was approached by CIPD South East Wales branch to deliver an unconscious bias training seminar for the branch in Cardiff.

Over 200 HR and recruitment professionals attended the event, which saw Equal Approach delivered a 2 hour seminar on unconscious bias. In the session, we developed the delegates understanding of how biases can affect their decision-making, and provided them with practical examples and strategies to control them.


“South East Wales CIPD branch was delighted to present Equal Approach to our membership. The event was highly engaging and thought provoking, exploring the intricacies of unconscious bias.  We had fantastic feedback from the packed audience on her enthusiasm and subject knowledge, and we will be looking to Equal Approach again for future branch programme events.”

– Nerissa Williams,

CIPD South East Wales Branch Chair

Event Feedback

We received overwhelming feedback from the delegates who attended the event:

  • 98.7% of attendees said that they would recommend the training seminar to a colleague
  • The seminar met 97.4% of delegates expectations.
  • Delegates rated the seminar 4.5 out of 5 (Very Good/ Excellent) for delivery.
  • Delegates rated the seminar 4.3 out of 5 (Very Good) for content.


When asked how they would use the learning, delegates provided the following comments:

  • “I will use what I’ve learnt as part of my daily role, coaching, line management, and review processes.”
  • “When I get back to the office I will discuss the session with colleagues to highlight the need for awareness of natural biases.”
  • “I will apply what I learnt from this session in the upcoming assessment centres I’m running to remove bias.”


Delegates also left the following general comments regarding the training seminar:

  • “The session was really useful in raising my awareness and understanding of unconscious bias.”
  • “The session made me self-aware of my own biases, and has taught me to be more open minded and slow down my thinking.”
  • “The session was comprehensive and well researched.”
  • “It was a really interesting presentation, and a very engaging speaker.”
  • “Equal Approach presented a range of thought provoking and stimulating ideas.”