Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We support organisations to attract, recruit, recognise, retain and promote diverse talent.

Equal Approach Diversity and Inclusion Solutions - Inclusive Recruitment/ Diversity Recruitment; Assessment, Selection and Development Events; Diversity Consultancy; Diversity and Inclusion training/ Diversity Training/ Inclusion Training

Our solutions are all based on 10 years of experience, and are delivered by the highest qualified and experienced practitioners, giving you assurance of appropriate, up to date advice, which in turn is converted into practical and workable initiatives for introduction within your organisation.

By working alongside our clients, we have the ability to tailor our diversity and inclusion solutions to fit their organisations’ specific individual requirements, in order to ensure that we can support them to achieve their objectives.

We work across a wide range of diversity strands, including all of the protected characteristics outlined by the Equality Act 2010 and additional characteristics that we have identified that encounter barriers, including: Disability, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Religion, Generational, Transgender, Obesity, Pregnancy & Maternity, Education, Veterans, Working Parents & Carers, and Class.

The Diversity and Inclusion Lifecycle

The unique range of solutions that we have devised over the last 10 years encompass the diversity and inclusion lifecycle. These solutions can be applied to each area of the lifecyle in order to ensure that D&I are embedded into every stage of an employee’s journey throughout an organisation, and are instilled within the organisation’s culture.

Our services span from the attraction and recruitment of diverse talent, through to retention, progression and exit.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Solutions


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Assessment, Selection and Development Events


Diversity Consultancy


Diversity and Inclusion Training

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