Annual Environmental, Sustainability and CSR Report

Annual Environmental, Sustainability and CSR Report

– September 2016

Equal Approach is committed to being an environmentally responsible, and sustainable business and we have a focus on corporate social responsibility.


Equal Approach places environmental protection at the heart of all of its operations. The organisation operates from office locations, with in house teams and remote workers, and local and global travel.

The organisation has achieved the Investors in the Environment accreditation, and makes a specific commitment each year to minimising environmental impact, our commitment and achievements for 2015/2016 included:

  • Travel to be kept to a minimum, use of technology to replace face to face wherever practicable.
  • Car share policy, and guaranteed parking spaces for participants.
  • Recycling of all waste materials and computer consumables
  • Teams encouraged to operate a paperless organisation, utilising advanced digital technologies.
  • Encouraged casual dress when non client facing, to reduce the need for corporate dry cleaning.
  • Introduced climate controlled temperature sustainability.
  • Removed paper towels, and replaced with energy efficient hand dryers.
  • Replaced all light bulbs across the office sites with LED, low energy replacements.
  • Ensured all office consumables and cleaning products are green.

In addition, our commitment was that for every 1,000 miles of business travel we would plant a new tree at the National Forestry Centre, Rosliston, Derbyshire to support the compensation of energy used.



Equal Approach made a commitment in 2015 to increase its focus upon sustainability, with a specific focus on local and ethical sourcing.

Our environmental policy gave clear commitments to energy saving and increased recycling focus, and our sustainability focus remained.  In the case of our organisation this meant:

  • Focus upon SME and where possible local ethical providers.
  • Introduction of a supplier charter, focusing on environmental and sustainable requirements, as a minimum requirement.
  • Ensuring sustainable materials are used for all training packs and support materials produced in hard copy.
  • Within our own teams, we have ensured that each individual is well trained and familiar with our focus upon this subject, and their own development.
  • Regular safety audits conducted on site, to maintain our zero accident rate.
  • Maintain and focus upon the diversity of our own teams (over 60% have a disability or health condition), female CEO and MD, representation from all nine core protected characteristics within the workforce.
  • Significant focus upon charitable and voluntary activities to sustain our commitment to an inclusive society and community, including actively supporting through volunteering and donations the Trussel Trust Food Bank project and charity of the year Whizz Kids.

Our focus for the 2017/2018 period is on increased local community involvement to develop and support up and coming talent, introduce a sustainable flow of expertise into our business, and maximise local business engagement.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The priority for the 2015/2016 period was to engage our internal teams in developing our values and mission, and these were completed consultatively through a company wide competition. They are:

  • Value individual differences and learn from them
  • Embrace problems and challenges with enthusiasm and vigour
  • Value past experience but don't be afraid to share your new ideas
  • Don't just show an interest, take an interest and contribute
  • Create opportunities - don't wait for them to be presented to you

They reflect our attitudes both internally and externally and were underpinned by the completion of internal inclusive culture and behaviours training.

We appointed an external Chairman and Non-Executive Directors, and included CSR as a board agenda item, for review of our internal and external governance.

A risk analysis of internal and external processes, financial management and conduct, employer engagement and team focus was completed and shared with the entire internal population.

Wellbeing programmes were introduced to all employees, including the appointment of a Wellbeing Manager, to oversee all activities within this area, including appointment of a range of holistic, health and wellbeing professionals to support teams.

Our focus on continuous improvement was embedded by inviting external audit of our processes, and customer feedback to ensure we were delivering the highest quality outputs.

We have offered pro bono services to small independent organisations, mainly start-ups that are looking for free business support and guidance.

We have also given considerable charity donations, volunteering time and promotion of specific social causes including Food Bank, Local Hospitals and disabled children.

There is sponsorship of two bursary programmes; Purple Space bursaries offering 9 disabled individuals access to coaching and mentor, and Middlesex University mentoring to a team of 140 non-British students offering accessibility to potential job roles and opportunities.

Equal Approach has been recognised as a finalist for the IRP (Institute of Recruitment Professionals) Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioners Award for the last 3 years running (2016, 2015 and, 2014 – highly commended).

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