About Us

About Us

We are proud to do things differently.

Our Mission

Equal Approach is proud to do things differently, and will make diversity & inclusion a commercially successful reality for our candidates and clients.



in 2005, CEO and founder, Dawn Hurst left a well-respected career within HR, where she worked for a number of international organisations, to pursue her passion for diversity and inclusion, and as a result she created Equal Approach.


About Us

Equal Approach has been operating as a specialist provider of diversity and inclusion solutions for over 10 years, with a specific focus upon inclusive recruitment and diversity consultancy services, surrounding the attraction, recruitment, retention, recognition and promotion of diverse talent.

Our credibility in the diversity and inclusion arena is evidenced through the wide recognition we have received in terms of the accreditations we hold and the awards we have been recognised by. Equal Approach is a renowned thought leader within the diversity and inclusion space, frequently being published in national newspapers and HR/recruitment magazines, offered regular public speaking opportunities and being invited to contribute to a range of government committees, on topics such as returnships, retention and disability confidence.


Our Values

At the core of Equal Approach's success is the desire for fairness and equality in all things.

We have been identified as an "exemplar" organisation by Investors in Diversity for our client services, and also our internal practices.  

Within the business we operate clear and transparent communications, encourage difference within our business, and work to five very simple value statements:

  • Value individual differences and learn from them
  • Embrace problems and challenges with enthusiasm and vigour
  • Value past experience but don't be afraid to share your new ideas
  • Don't just show an interest, take an interest and contribute
  • Create opportunities - don't wait for them to be presented to you

These have over the last decade created an entrepreneurial workforce and allowed our team to share in our success.


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