Diversity Consultancy

Diversity Consultancy

Our bespoke diversity consultancy services are tailored to support organisations to achieve their objectives.

Equal Approach offers a tailored and bespoke diversity consultancy service, to enable organisations to successfully achieve their key objectives surrounding the attraction, recruitment, retention, recognition and promotion of diverse talent.

Increased globalisation across all sectors means there are significant changes in how business is conducted, and there is a strong business case to champion diversity and inclusion.

The many benefits of a diverse and inclusive organisation include: increased bottom line performance, greater market share, competitive advantage, increased success when bidding and tendering, as well as the embedded inclusive culture that a diverse workforce creates.

Equal Approach has pioneered a diversity lifecycle tool for over a decade, which considers all aspects of the employee lifecycle to ensure that diversity and inclusion are embedded throughout all aspects of an employee’s journey with the organisation. Behind this lifecycle are over 300 tools which can support an organisation on its diversity and inclusion journey, removing the fear and ambiguity of such a programme.

Examples of tools include:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Recruitment Strategy Audit
  • Provision of Diversity Professionals
  • Exit Interviews
  • Career Transition
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • HR Support Service
  • Scholarship Programme


Equal Approach's unique diversity consultancy services cover a wide range of protected characteristics, and beyond including:

Disability,  Gender,  Sexual Orientation,  Race,  Religion,  Generational,  Transgender,   Obesity,  Pregnancy & Maternity,   Education,  Veterans,    Working Parents and Carers,  Class and more.

As part of our Diversity Consultancy services we also offer a wide range of Diversity and Inclusion Training courses.

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