Assessment, Selection & Development Events

Assessment, Selection & Development Events

We offer a range of inclusive events.

Equal Approach has drawn from our experience as a leading inclusive recruiter, to develop an inclusive range of events, in order to showcase attendees on a level playing field. Each of these events can be tailored to meet organisations’ specific requirements, and we are experienced in running both large and small scale events.

Our events have been designed in a similar way to our inclusive recruitment process, with a specific focus on removing barriers for individuals with any protected characteristics, in order to allow each attendee to perform at their best. This results in us being able to provide the client with a range of comparable data, from which they can benchmark attendees against one another, allowing them to recognise the qualities, abilities and potential of each individual without bias.

All of our events comply with current legislation, are non-discriminatory and produce a variety of exercises for candidates to demonstrate their key skills, experience and behaviours in a business and strategy focused way. We have a pool of qualified and experienced assessors and facilitators who will work closely with you to design the appropriate event to achieve the outcomes you require, using a wide variety of valid and reliable skills assessments and psychological tools to support the decision making process that we have developed over the past 10 years. The most appropriate tools can be discussed at consultation stage.

Assessment Events

Assessment events are useful tools to identify the best candidates in many recruitment situations. Typically used for management or client facing roles, the assessment exercises are usually held throughout the course of a day and allow potential employers to test candidates’ performances under varying conditions.

Selection Events

Selection events can be especially useful as criteria for a redundancy selection exercise or as a re-organisational tool to identify key skills and efficiencies of team members.

Development Events

Development events are similar to assessment events, as they enable organisations to increase performance by gaining a full understanding of the skills and experience of their existing team members. Development events can help to identify employees’ gaps and can identify development and training needs. They can also pinpoint areas of an organisation which are in need of strengthening.

Psychometric Assessments

We have access to all major psychometric assessments, including: Saville and Holdsworth, Myers Briggs, Thomas International, OAD and many others. This is an add-on service to any recruitment or assessment process.


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